A Brief Overview on Website Development!

A website plays a crucial role for any business to emerge. And why not? After all it acts as communication point between users and organization. Generally, people look at websites for two basic reasons. Firstly, to look or search a particular piece of information or either to achieve or accomplish a task. Isnt’it? When someone gives you their web address, they provide you with a gateway to come and see through what their business is all about, what are the products and services they offer, what are the companies policies and regulations etc. Depending upon the type of business websites may vary in terms of size and format.


Let’s have a basic understanding first about what is a website, before proceeding further.

What is a website?

A website is basically a collection of related web pages which includes some sort of multimedia content that can be accessed through the internet by users across the globe. As soon as you type in a website’s name on browser’s address bar and hit enter, you’re redirected to that particular webpage where you can easily access your desired information.

What is Website Development?

Now that we have a precise knowledge about it, let’s understand the concepts of website development. Web Development involves all those activities starting from the creation of website  to hosting it over internet. The process of web development briefly involves web designing, web content development, scripting (or coding), configuration and other such tasks.

Web development basically involves the following aspects:

  • A Client-side
  • Server-side
  • Database center.

Website Development Process

Here is a brief lookout on the timeline of its development process:

Step 1: Information Gathering

The most important task at this point is to get a clear understanding about what purpose your website will serve, the main goals you wish to achieve, and most importantly the target audience you want to attract to your business.

Step 2: Planning

Yes, it all starts with a plan. Once you’ve gathered the relevant information, now you need to create the sitemap on the basis of that. it describes relations between the main areas of your website.

Step 3: Design

A design of the website is what attracts the users at first place. This phase decides the number of pages the website comprises of, the color combination scheme, graphical representation etc.

Step 4: Content Writing

A good quality content should never be underestimated. Business should aim for creating attractive websites with catchy headlines and content to engage more number of users.

Step 5: Coding

This involves all the back end procedure ranging from scripting to database.

Step 6: Testing

Always Test before you deliver. The testing phase in web development stays quiet crucial as this is when where we can catch the bugs before delivering it to the customer.

Step 7 : Maintenance

Last but the least. A business should always remember that a website is more of a service than product and try to maintain it as per that.

Difference between Web development and Web designing

People are always having misconceptions regarding these two fields. While the terms “web development” and “web designing are often used synonymously, they do not mean the same thing. So let’s clear our doubts! Web Designing basically deals with the front end i.e the design part, dealing with the look and feel of the website, more of a visual treatment. Whereas Web Development involves both aspects–front end (graphical representation) as well as back end(coding and scripting).

Website Development Company in Jaipur

Jaipur aka pink city is the hub for all startup organizations. Now each business whether big or small, is aiming to create beautiful professional looking website for their company to attract more and more target audience. A lot of Website Development Company in Jaipur provides such services to fulfill the needs of organizations as well as users.

An attractive web page is always remembered by users–they will keep visiting your web page if they find it useful enough. So whether you are an entrepreneur or web developer, there’s a room for everyone. So kick start your career as Web development is going to emerge remarkably!

A website is a heart for a business organization. to get traffic or customer on your website your website design is must be unique. There are many web development companies in jaipur to build a great website for your business.

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