Software Development Trends in 2017

It’s all about the customer experience. Yes, software development in 2017 will revolve around the customers, their expectations and needs. So, what are the biggest software development trends that we should be looking forward to in 2017? CoreiSolutions, a Software development company in Jaipur has enlisted 4 new trends this year.

Software Development Company in Jaipur

Have a look.

Software Development Effective for Business Development

We are living in the golden era of software development where every business is a software business. And the changes emerging in businesses from software development, data teams, and operations are at the epicenter of this transformation.

Technology professionals these days are transforming the ways enterprises are operated from the softwares. This offers data to stakeholders to determining how customers interact with the business, make better informed decisions, and ensuring its security, stability, and scalability. As such, professionals are required to work in the right direction in the right way as a lot is riding on their  shoulders – communicating business needs outside the team, determining the ways to analyze business data, and setting up the enterprise for growth from code to outreach.


Chatbots are taking over! Everywhere you see, it seems like organizations are launching their chatbot-powered apps. Last year in September, American Express created a chatbot for its card members. Prior to this, Quartz went live with its chatbot based news app in February. Similarly, 1-800-Flowers created a new way making it easier to order with its chatbot this year. The reason behind their popularity is the ease of creating one. Developers don’t need to create the technology from scratch, instead just plug into an existing API. Now the software developers no longer have to focus on building a chatbot, but they can imagine all the possibilities of how building a chatbot can make their life easier in 2017.

PaaS is the new in   

In 2017, issues related to cloud security and loss of control will be a thing of the past. For a remote and highly mobile cloud workforce that only requires an Internet connection has become an attractive delivery model. Still in this year, PaaS solutions will become the main accelerators of a new level of cloud development. This is because they provide a platform for customers to operate and manage their applications in the cloud without the difficulty of

building the associated infrastructure or algorithms. Because of the complexity associated with AI-based predictive analytics and other complex solutions, companies will increasingly rely on PaaS-based solutions.

Customer on top

When it comes to planning, developing and deploying software into your business for the customers, several considerations have to be evaluated like budget, goals, and schedule, but none should take preference over the customer. Businesses should create anything after researching and talking to their customers. Here, the customer could be an end user or another company. It is a must to put the customer on front as you embark on modifications and new projects. Customer’s interest and experience with you will decide your success. With technology innovation gearing up and spreading beyond the traditional tech industries, professional developers must take an active role in mastering these drivers for success.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a new thing now. Steven Spielberg invented A.I. Artificial Intelligence in 2001 and since then many inventions took place one after the other. The reality today is that we are quickly moving towards a future where AI is omnipresent. As technology validation coming in the mode of million-dollar acquisitions, businesses are going to hire more developers to invest their efforts into AI projects. And the new project would not just be confined to Siri like technologies; instead AI is going to be layered on top of even the most ordinary of business apps to make them more useful and efficient.

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