UI/UX Design – Importance in Mobile App Design

What do you look for in a mobile app when you first use it? Obviously, first comes the look and second its feel! In technical terms, the look of the app is considered as the User Interface (UI) and its feel is called the User Experience (UX).  And together these two, i.e. UI + UX makes a great creative design.

Mobile Application Development Jaipur

Mobile application design has its own set of rules and expectations when it comes to creating a fluid user experience for the success of any mobile app. While UI comprises of how an app looks and communicates with a user, UX defines how an app feels from the user’s point of view. Often these two terms are interchangeable as well as confusing from a design perspective. However, it’s a catastrophic mistake to consider them alike.

Understanding UI and UX

Creating User Experience of a mobile app is the process of improving customer satisfaction and loyalty by enhancing its usability, pleasure and ease-of-use in the interaction between the user and the app. UX encompasses all the aspects of user interaction with the mobile application. All this is done after a thorough market research by the user experience designer to understand the industry and user requirements.

On the other hand, the User Interface of an application defines the look and feel of a mobile app. This is primarily focused on the presentation of the mobile app.

To create a mobile app that succeeds tremendously, it is very important that the end users have a pleasurable experience when they interact with the app. Moreover, they should feel captivated by the visual appeal of any application. For any app to be effective in User Experience, it should be engaging enough considering the transactional or emotional response. Keep in mind that the prime motive of apps is to fulfill the key business objectives like generating traffic, revenues, reputation and brand building.

Understanding UI and UX is challenging for businesses, especially the start-ups. Hence, companies seeking mobile application development should always look for a vendor to develop a mobile app that is result-oriented as well as engaging.

What’s more important for UX and UI? 

It completely depends on the nature of your business. For instance, if you are a retailer and want to create an app for improving sales and productivity, you must consider the most important things for your business. In your case, you require both, however in the right balance. Develop an app with a simple product design and seamless functionality. The success of any application irrespective of the business depends greatly on the requirements. Hence, analyze your business objectives and work in the same direction. From a business point of view, it is crucial to have synchronized the UI & UX of the mobile app for customer satisfaction because it will generate the revenue and build a strong brand reputation.

Keeping a balance between the UI and UX will help businesses in acquiring more number of app users as well as keeping them engaged for a long time. In the current scenario, when there are millions of mobile apps available out there, user loyalty has become esoteric. Only when you are ready with a flawless UI/UX design, you can achieve your goal of creating best mobile app for your users.

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