UI/UX Design – Importance in Mobile App Design

What do you look for in a mobile app when you first use it? Obviously, first comes the look and second its feel! In technical terms, the look of the app is considered as the User Interface (UI) and its feel is called the User Experience (UX).  And together these two, i.e. UI + UX makes a… Continue reading UI/UX Design – Importance in Mobile App Design

Web Application Development !

No wonder web applications have become such a ubiquitous phenomenon. Web applications are all around us–name a thing and we have an app for that. They have made our lives much easier. Now we can perform all our complex tasks in just a fraction of seconds. The user-friendly interface of applications makes our work not… Continue reading Web Application Development !

The Accelerated Boom of Mobile Apps

As mind boggling as it seems, the boom of mobile apps is being marked as an incredible revolution in IT industry. Billions of users worldwide now have access to smartphones, in fact we can also say they are now directly proportional to the outgrowing population. In addition to this the cheap and attractive data plans… Continue reading The Accelerated Boom of Mobile Apps